Gina has extensive experience and training, she is pleased to offer the following services:

Animal Communication & Animal Healing

“Talking” or communicating with animals is such a gift. Our animals are
a great part of our lives. We often wonder… What are they thinking? What is
wrong with them? How are they feeling?  I have been given the gift to be
able to communicate with them and also help heal them. With the help of
our animals through communication and the energy healing  we can help them heal.

Crystal Healing 

Crystal Healing is a form of Energy healing. Crystal Healing uses crystals
and the “Golden Ray”. Their are many different types of energy rays but the Golden
Ray is the highest and provides the highest vibration to help heal and equalize
the bodies energy. When we clear out the negative energy from our bodies we
can then balance and heal the body. Like Reiki, Crystal Healing helps you with
stress, imbalanced energies and sickness.


Spiritual Response Therapy

Spiritual Response therapy Or SRT is a process of
researching the subconscious mind and soul records to
discover and release hidden blocks to health, happiness and spiritual
growth. This also can include Financial wealth and health. Clearing
the negative programs or blocks allows you to move forward with your
life in a happy and healthy way.






SRT, Crystal Healing, Animal Communication and Animal Healing
are all forms or Healing. Whether I help adults, children, or animals
it is important to do. My vision has always been to help people and animals heal
from the inside out.
Energy healing and SRT is a way to help heal your body, mind, and soul. With
today’s fast pace environment, we do not take time to balance ourselves.
Through my work, I can help regain that balance that our bodies and minds deserve.